Romasheva Design

UI/UX Designer

Designing and building intuitive, aesthetic digital products


Create solutions based on the real needs of the client

UX audit

By in-depth analysis of your competitors and target audience, I will develop a mental profile of your users, and a map of the user's journey from the first contact with your product to the final destination.

Prototyping. UI design

Based on the data from the UX audit, I create a sketch and develop a prototype of a web page for a visual demonstration of the design structure. I conduct initial design testing to identify possible errors in use.

Brand design

I will develop an exclusive, recognizable with a clear message style for your product: logo, logo book, color scheme, fonts, icons and other details. As a result, we will create a full-fledged Brandbook, which will contain the rules for using the company's corporate identity.

Graphic design

Creative and thoughtful graphic design will allow you to present your product with dignity, achieve greater brand awareness and sales. Designing a well-thought-out visual identity for your product that will accompany your brand.

Web design

To make managing your business more convenient and efficient, I develop web design adaptives and optimize your design for different types of devices, needs and environments.

Application design

I develop an intuitive and optimized mobile application design to increase the efficiency of interaction with your clients.


Series of projects I have realized over the past years

UX Audit

Through in-depth research, I will analyze your website, application, or a product and suggest important changes to improve your business efficiency.

This is an expert assessment how your potential customers interact with your website/application, what they have problems arise and what prevents target action from being performed.

  • An interview, during which we clarify project task and purpose, concretize problems that need to be solved.
  • User research, identification target audience, study their habits and desires, in order to make your website/application easy to read.
  • Researching entire user journey on site from moment of first contact to final goal, in order to make your site/application clear and easy to use.
  • Analysis site/application structure, technical aspects analysis: contrast, typography, content quality, readability, navigation analysis, button functionality, adaptive versions.
  • A report with recommendations in which all found problems will be structured and recommendations for their elimination are given.

Research & Prototyping

Researching your target audience: their habits and needs. I will create a clear visual representation your idea from a sketch to a full-fledged prototype.

Development a prototype is an important design stage, its purpose to show site/application structure, check navigation and correctly arrange necessary elements and blocks.

  • Concept check - will help customer to see a complete picture of what site/application will be in terms structure and functionality. This is an irreplaceable thing when customer has not yet fully decided what kind of functionality is needed and on which pages. should be located. Careful planning at prototyping stage will help to avoid mistakes and global changes at final stages.
  • Technical research will help test site/application usability, validate navigation, establish a clear interaction between pages and correctly arrange information, as well as understand if there are any errors on user’s path and immediately find a solution.

Graphic Design

I will create a well-thought-out visual identity for your product. It will help you stand out from the competition and generate indelible impression.

This is another important way of visual communication between user and your site/application/product, so you should make sure that everything that surrounds client when interacting with your product creates a comfortable environment, is convenient for perception and gave correct impression.

  • At project start, its important to create comfortable conditions for perception information by your users, for this you should take into account less visible, but very important details: harmony and balance, hierarchy and rhythm, proportion and typography.
  • Harmony and balance - proportion and balance give a sense of security and makes you feel comfortable in existing environment.
  • Hierarchy and rhythm - size balances, colors, information presentation order, correct general perception facility, allows you to control audience impression, attract and keep client’s attention on the right place.
  • Typography and readability - well-chosen typeface, clear text hierarchy and well-chosen colors - make textual information easy and pleasant to read.

Brand/Logo Design

I will help you start a dialogue with your clients. Create a company image with a clear message and unique features for perception of your product.

Brand design is a set of attributes that distinguish your company from others and make it easily recognizable to customers. To do this, you should develop a logo, corporate identity and ideology of your company and collect all this in a berndbook.

  • A logo is a unique, laconic, recognizable symbol of your company/product; it is a trademark that further will be associated with your brand.
  • Corporate identity contains all necessary visual and informational features of your brand: logo, color scheme, fonts, graphics, illustrations, etc. - this will help make your company/product recognizable and distinguish among competitors.
  • Brand book is an internal corporate document that will help you carry out marketing and advertising activities, will ensure safety and correct use of your ideological principles and a single design concept with all graphic elements.

Web Design

I will make web page design thoughtful, we will choose a solution that will right for your business. I will make web page convenient with responsive web design optimized for each type of device.

Web design - it creates a visual image of your company/product on the Internet. This is a way to familiarize your customers with your product in more detail and convey necessary information in a way convenient for them.

  • First, you need to determine goals and objectives for creating a website in order to choose right design solutions for solving exactly your tasks.
  • Develop site architecture, find out the list of necessary functions and sections, plan navigation so that your site was convenient to use and performed necessary functions.
  • To develop a visual design, choose colors, graphics, illustrations, photo materials, fonts, etc. - this is will help to create your unique features interesting and recognizable, and create a comfortable environment for using your site.
  • Responsive design is also a necessary step. Adaptations for various types of devices should be developed for comfortable the use of your site by users.

App Design

You can create a customer experience and improve efficiency of your interactions by using an intuitive clear and optimized mobile application.

Mobile application - will help you get a direct and convenient channel of communication with your customers, will help you profitably to distinguish you among competitors as an advanced company that takes care of its customers and provides them with a more convenient and comfortable way of interacting with company/product.

  • Well thought out interface - consider users habits, environment in which they will usually use your application and convenient and simple navigation - so that client gives preference to your application every time, and therefore your company/product.
  • Visual design of your application should be in line with overall style of your brand, and have more interesting graphics.
  • The main goal is to make convenient and well-thought-out functionality so that user understands what he has to do to get a service/product, so for this you need to make a route to main goal as much as possible posts.

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